Passing a SQL Query from ASP to Crystal Reports

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Thread: Passing a SQL Query from ASP to Crystal Reports

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    Hi,<BR>I am wondering if it is possible to do the following:<BR><BR>I have a form in ASP that lets you select data from dropdowns which in turn generate a report in Crystal Reports.<BR>At the moment it is simple where you use &#039;prompt&#039; to bring back a report that is already designed within Crystal.<BR>But I want to be able to have a benchmarking form where you have 6 dropdowns and depending what you pick from each dropdown, a report is generated and I figure the best way to do this is to generate the SQL in ASP and then pass it to Crystal Reports where Crystal can then produce the report based on the Query (Since Crystal is reading from the same DB anyway!!)<BR>So how can I pass this query from ASP to CR??<BR><BR>You are a Genius if you can help!!<BR>

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    It depends how far you want to take it, via a URL the report can configure: parameters, logins, browser type, group selection criteria, record selection criteria, export options... But can&#039;t dynamically build the structure.<BR><BR>The most you could probably do is to pass enough parameters to control the selection of data and to also use formulas in the Crystal Sections and Field Suppression to dynamically change the look and feel of the report based upon the received parameters.

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