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Thread: Passing a string from a server-side script to a cl

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    Karen Woznick Guest

    Default Passing a string from a server-side script to a cl

    Is there a way to pass a string from a script that runs on the server to one that runs on the client? <BR>Here are the 2 problems I am working on:<BR><BR>1) We want to display the current date and time in the status bar. I found a little javascript code that will display the CLIENT&#039s date and time in the status bar, but we want to display OUR time, i.e. the date and time from the SERVER. I can use a server-side script to get the proper date and time, but now I can&#039t figure out how to display it in the status bar, since Window.Status is a client-side method.<BR><BR>2) We want to redirect a web page (after a set interval) to another web page whose file name I need to determine using the File System object. Our code to re-direct is client-side:<BR><BR>Sub Delay()<BR> IntervalID = Window.setInterval("NextPage", 15000) <BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Sub NextPage()<BR> Window.clearInterval(IntervalID) <BR> Window.navigate("Muncie Production2.asp")<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Right now we have the next page hard-coded because I can&#039t figure out how to dynamically get the name of the next page. They are numbered 1 to 14 currently, but every time we need to insert, remove, or add a page, we have to modify all the pages. Instead we want to just be able to look in the directory for the next sequential page and then re-direct to it.<BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!<BR><BR>Karen Woznick<BR>

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    Default remote scripting

    Karen, I think you&#039ll want to look into Microsoft Remote Scripting, especially if you use Visual InterDev 6.0. You can find info on it here:<BR><BR><BR>Remote scripting utilizes Interdev&#039s "scriptlibrary"), the heart of which is a client side java applet that allows you to run server side ASP procedures directly from your client side javascript. Unless you&#039re pretty handy with javascript, you&#039ll probably have some trouble getting it all to work. However, it&#039s the best solution I know of for what you&#039re trying to do.

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    Karen Woznick Guest

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    Never mind about the 2nd problem - I fixed it using a META Refresh tab. <BR>I still am stuck about the 1st problem though.<BR>

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