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    JASON Guest

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    Rick Negron Guest

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    I recently attended a Meet and Conquer ASP class in Gaithersburg, MD. I support the Federal Government as a contracted Webmaster building web pages (4 internet/1 intranet) using statics HTML. I have little or no programming experience. In Charles Carroll’s class I learned to create dynamic web sites using Active Server Pages placing emphasis on good coding. I look forward to attending another one of Charles’ class soon.

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    Bill Campbell Guest

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    I have taken two classes from Charles and found both to be excellent. You will learn not only how to do things in ASP but how to do them the fastest way possible.

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    Tracy Dreslinski Guest

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    I&#039ve taken two classes from Charles; one a public class and one a private class. The classes are excellent and well worth the money. Definitely the best training I&#039ve ever attended in terms of applying what I&#039ve learned to my job. The classes are hands on with lots of exercises that drive home all the key points. I refer to Charles&#039s site ( almost daily.

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    Terri Morton Guest

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    I took one of Charles&#039 ASP classes during Summer 1999 in Arlington Texas. Best money my company ever spent. Charles managed to tie together all of the snippets of technology I had heard/read about into a cohesive unit.<BR><BR>I went in with rudimentary HTML knowledge, some VBA, and extensive VFP experience, and within a week of my return from class I was productively working on a site, with confidence.<BR><BR>Be forewarned that this is not a class on how to use a specific tool such as Visual InterDev to develop a Web site. We used Notepad for all of our development -- with the exception of using VB to learn to write a simple component. <BR><BR>Terri Morton<BR>MACDIRECT<BR>

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    C Taylor Guest

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    I have been to Charles&#039 class. We liked his class, and found it extremely valuable. So valuable that we actually brought him in for another class at our facility where he taught 16+ developers from 4 of our web groups. &#062;From what was said after the class it was easy to see that every participant was very pleased at the amount of knowledge he passed on to us. <BR><BR>Charles classes are like a massive brain dump... He cracks your head open<BR>and pours in knowledge... then he keeps pouring for 4 days... By the time it<BR>is over you are reeling. It is hard to soak up all the info, but you leave<BR>with a TON of ideas on things you can do to your site.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know how you can possibly learn more at a devcon then you can at a<BR>Charles class. His classes are basically 100% hands on, go, go, go for 4<BR>days. You get your own computer. He gives you a TON of good reference<BR>materials, and he gives you a ton of other things that I am sure he would<BR>explain to you if you asked him.<BR><BR>One last thing. His class has been a standard for us to measure up all other<BR>training classes. I constantly find myself comparing his classes to other<BR>training classes I go to. His is still in first place, and I have been to<BR>quite a few GOOD classes from MAJOR technology players. We would have<BR>arranged to have him back to our facility by now for another visit but we<BR>are in the middle of transitoining to Oracle and just haven&#039t had the time.<BR><BR>As you can tell, my opinion says to spend your money on his class.

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    Rob Reno Guest

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    I have taken both of Charles&#039 classes.. one in Dallas (Meet & Conquer) and one in Hawaii (Super Advanced). Charles has helped a great deal in keeping up with and learning new things about ASP as well as other new internet technologies. He even taught me VB in the Hawaii class which has opened my eyes to a whole &#039nother world. Charles&#039 energy in the classroom reminds me of a ferret wired on caffine.. there is no dry material in these classes. Even in the advanced class I felt like I was learning new things everyday because Charles brought the material down to my level. One of the unique things about the advanced class was in the very beginning Charles went around the class and asked everyone why they were there and he reformatted his class to fit everyone&#039s needs... Great Stuff!!!<BR><BR>I&#039ve said it to his face and I&#039ll tell everyone... It was a great pleasure meet Charles.. kinda like meeting your mentor and finding out he&#039s everything you thought he was.. plus, you get some pretty good tech support from the man himself even after the class is over. <BR><BR>Thanks Charles

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    David Wier Guest

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    All I can say is that this guy and his teaching are incredible. There is so much stuff crammed into his class, it takes a while to know just how incredible it is. Then, when it all &#039clicks&#039 - you know.<BR>Everyone&#039s been to a training class where the monotone voice of the teacher drones on & on. Well he&#039s not like that. He&#039s excited about ASP and he imparts that to you. I&#039ll never regret having gone to his course. <BR>You&#039ve never been to a class like his and along with all the values he throws in extra, I&#039ll venture to say, unless Charles is teaching it, you&#039ll never go to another one like it.

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    Phil Klein Guest

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    I&#039ve taken 2 of Charles&#039 classes and highly recommend them. His very real ASP experience and outstanding teaching abilities result in a powerful and productive impact on the work his students. For me, an asp developer who learned from Wrox books and others, a typical gain has been producing apps with 5 times the complexity and that run at twice the speed as before. His mastery of the material allows asp newbies with aptitude to become very proficient asp developers, while the self-taught guru will come away with dozens of tips and powerful techniques. The tips that he gives in his classes are gold coins, and Charles drops asp tips like he has a million to give away.

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