Hi, I am trying to get data from 3 different tables in my asp.net page. <BR>The scenario is as follows:<BR><BR>its a page where the owner of the site can see all the orders received. <BR><BR>The tables involved are Orders, Order Details and Customers.<BR><BR>I am using DataGrid. Now i want to show the First and the last name of the customer on the Orders Received Page. <BR><BR>All the new orders are getting saved in Orders Table and a im also storing the Customer ID in the Orders Table. <BR><BR>I want to show the name of the customer instead of the customer ID on the Orders Received Page.<BR><BR>How should i make the SQL query and how which dataset should i fill. I know how it can be done in traditional ASP though.<BR><BR>I hope was clear. Help would be appriciated.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Kamran.<BR><BR>