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    Hi All:<BR><BR>What are the OO databases available in the market that supports Query-By-Example?<BR><BR>for eg:<BR><BR>Person person = new Person();<BR>person.setFirstName("John");<BR>perso n.setLastName("Smith");<BR>person.friends = new Map(); //Or any Key-value datatype<BR>person.friends.put("Friend1", "Bill");<BR>person.friends.put("Friend2", "Jim");<BR>person.saveToDatabase();<BR><BR>Per son findThisPerson = new Person();<BR>findThisPerson.setFirstName("John");< BR>findThisPerson.friends.put("Friend1", "Bill");<BR>person.findFromDatabase();<BR><BR>Than ks,<BR>Parimal

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    Default Well, first of all...

    ...that sure doesn&#039;t resemble any "Query by example" that *I* ever saw!<BR><BR>Though I have to admit the coding style is intriguing.<BR><BR>But second of all, I don&#039;t know of any ODBMS databases that have been interfaced to ASP. Oh, some of them have ODBC drivers, no doubt (Versant comes to mind, but probably ObjectStore and Objectivity, as well), but I doubt that ADO can do much more with them than it can with any relational DB, since ADO simply doesn&#039;t understand the "semantics" of ODBMS systems.<BR><BR>I used to work for Objectivity (10 years ago), and at least back then they couldn&#039;t have handled your example. At least not in the raw DB. Though it would have been pretty trivial to put a layer on top of it that would handle your code.<BR><BR>But for that matter, it wouldn&#039;t be *that* hard to do your example using a relational database, at least so long as you used a language that allowed "reflection" in order to get the type information, including the member names. VB.NET and C# and Java could all do that.<BR><BR>But certainly not VBScript. No reflection available, at all.<BR><BR>

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