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    In my project I have a file that processes most of the data when anything gets changed. However, this file has grown to about 2500 lines of code, mostly if blocks. Any time that this file is called it will not process any more than 400 lines of code or so. I was wondering, since asp is a compile on the fly language, if having a large file hinders the performance of the page. Would I see considerable improvement for my project if I created multiple 200-400 line files instead of one 2500 line file that processes everything?<BR><BR>-kaht

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    Default not sure about performance

    but it might be better to put your blocks of codes into seperate files and include them ... especially it you are going to use them<BR><BR><BR>also .... I dont think it is the amount of lines of code that matters ... it is what they are doing ... I could write a 10k line asp page made entirely out of comments and it should parse farily quickly ... <BR>on the other hand, if you are calling a db connection and looping through records and calling different objects and running proccesses on them every 50 or 100 lines then you might have a problem<BR><BR>Mind if I ask what you are doing in the page?<BR>Did you check for an infinite loop or a memory drag where your file stops processing?

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