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Thread: <br/> What is the difference?

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    Default <br/> What is the difference?

    What is the difference between using <BR> and using &#060;br/&#062; Is this just a different way of coding it or are there any efficiency issues?

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    Default <br/> shows up in this forum...

    ...whereas &lt;br&#062; will just show up as a line break (unless you code it as &amp;lt;br&#062; as I did just then).<BR><BR>&lt;br&#062; will *NOT* work in older browsers.<BR><BR>The whole concept of making sure that every tag *MUST BE* closed by either a separate closer, such as<BR> &#060;TD&#062;....&#060;/TD&#062;<BR>or with the immediate closer, such as<BR> &#060;BR/&#062;<BR>comes from XML, which indeed has that as a hard and fast rule.<BR><BR>But, of course, NS 4 and other old browsers were around before XML became popular, so...<BR><BR>Anyway, the only reason we use &#060;br/&#062; in these forums is so that the silly forum software will leave it visible. No other reasons.<BR><BR>

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