I have a page with a dropdownlist that displays a list of customers, when you select a customer, you get a datagrid with a list of all the customers orders, and when you select an order, another datgrid shows the order detail.<BR><BR>You can view the page at:<BR>http://guero.mine.nu/test/Copyoforders1.aspx<BR>You can view the page source code at:<BR>http://guero.mine.nu/test/Copyoforders1.txt<BR><BR>My problems are:<BR>1. I cannot get the datagrid that lists the order history to page.<BR>2. I do not know how to set MasterGrid.VirtualItemCount = Numberof orders returned by stored procedure<BR>3. I do not know how to make the first item in the dropdown list a message like "please select customer to begin" I cannot select the first customer when the page first loads.<BR>4. I do not know how to format the order details information. For example I want the date to appear as MMDDYYYY and not MMDDYYYY 12:00:00 AM and I want some prices to appear as $4.50 and not 4.5<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help.<BR><BR>NoobNuggets