Strange cookies problem involving NetBios?

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Thread: Strange cookies problem involving NetBios?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the setup I have internally for development:<BR><BR>-Win2K Pro running IIS 5.0 for development [assigned the netBios name web_srv]<BR>-Desktop machine as development tool using Homesite 5, photoShop etc...<BR><BR>The problem:-<BR><BR>If I browse the sites using the Netbios name as the domain eg http://web_srv/somesite/default.asp, session cookies don&#039;t work - they are just ignored completely. However if I browse the site using the IP address of the machine eg they work!!!<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t make any difference where I browse from on the internal network, and all privacy settings are the same [the little globe in the browsers bottom right]<BR><BR>Put this to the test and see if you get the same anomally...<BR><BR>Incidentally, I want to be able to browse by netBios name coz the IP is occasionally changed when the machine is restarted.<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR><BR>Gavin.<BR><BR>

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    IIRC, underscores are not valid in HTTP host names, hence your NetBIOS name is the problem.<BR><BR>a) change the NetBIOS name<BR>b) live with it<BR><BR><BR>btw DHCP doesn&#039;t usually change the IP address from boot-to-boot, though theoretically it can. I&#039;ve found through a long association with a laptop running on a DHCP network that you can reliably keep the same IP address via DHCP for an absolute age. My laptop comes into the network and always gets the same address, been the same for over a year now. I know because I ahven&#039;t had to change my HOSTS file for that long.

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