Hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to connect to a excel spreadsheet and extract/display all the values but keep getting error. I have tested it with the following code and example spreadsheet (xls). The first 4 fields are fine, but once it gets to the fifth field with numeric data I got the error. Is there anything I need to change in the code to get it work? (I have tried to change the format of the field in the spread sheet and it didn&#039;t make any different).<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>James5354<BR><BR><BR><BR>I have made 5 rows in the excel spread sheet as follows :<BR>FNUM FFROM FTO DDATE DTIME ADATE ATIME<BR>1 a b c d e f<BR>2 g h j k l m<BR>3 n o p q r s<BR>4 t u v w x y<BR>5 ABC MID 28/08/2003 1330 28/08/2003 1530<BR><BR>The ASP code :<BR><BR><BR>exceldb = "excel/test3" <BR><BR><BR> Set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> cn.Open "DBQ=" & Server.MapPath(exceldb) & ";" & _<BR> "DRIVER={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};"<BR><BR><BR> Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> sql="select * from m_num;"<BR><BR> rs.Open sql, cn,1,1<BR> <BR> &#039;Getting stat to make sure everything is correct<BR> strXrecord = rs.recordcount <BR> strColumn = rs.fields.count <BR> <BR> response.write strXrecord &"<BR>" &strColumn &"<BR>"<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> strCount = 1<BR> response.write "Importing Data ..." &"<BR>" <BR> <BR> do while not rs.eof <BR> <BR> &#039;for strCount = 0 to rs.fields.count - 1<BR> <BR> strFnum = rs.fields.item(0).value<BR> strFfrom = rs.fields.item(1).value<BR> strFto = rs.fields.item(2).value<BR> strDdate = rs.fields.item(3).value<BR> strDtime = rs.fields.item(4).value<BR> strAdate = rs.fields.item(5).value<BR> strAtime = rs.fields.item(6).value<BR> <BR> response.write strCount &".&nbsp;" &strFnum &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &strFfrom &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &strFto &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &strDdATE &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &strDtime &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &strAdate &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &strAtime &"&nbsp;&nbsp;" &"<BR>"<BR> &#039;response.write strCount &".&nbsp;" &strFto<BR> <BR> <BR> strCount = strCount + 1 <BR> rs.movenext<BR> loop<BR> <BR> <BR> rs.close<BR> set rs = nothing<BR><BR><BR><BR>Error message : <BR>5<BR>7<BR>Displaying Data ...<BR>1. 1 a b c d e f <BR>2. 2 g h j k l m <BR>3. 3 n o p q r s <BR>4. 4 t u v w x y <BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Numeric field overflow. <BR><BR>/payless/upload_flight2.asp, line 56 <BR><BR>(note - line 56 is the &#039; rs.movenext &#039; line)<BR><BR><BR>