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    I want to poll everyone on how much per hour you would charge for developing a web based system.<BR><BR>This is for a single individual who has an e-commerce idea...what i would be doing is designing and developing a database and web application. Nothing too complex....access database, and some integration with Paypal&#039;s instant payment notification system.<BR><BR>How much is a reasonable rate to charge?

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    I would say 30 - 40 / hour. (thats based on UK rates, not sure what the standard rate is in the states)<BR><BR>HTH<BR>D.

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    Default It's good of you to think..

    .. about the client, but keep yourself in mind.<BR><BR>You, first and foremost, need to be happy with the rate.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve worked on too many projects where I&#039;ve let the client dictate how much I&#039;ll charge them. I usually end up bitter and decide that I&#039;ll never work for them again. (until the next time, of course, and I say yes I&#039;ll do the work. But, usually the 2nd+ time around, I work for a better rate. :) )

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