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    How do I add a radio button to a databrid so when the user clicks the radio button it selects that row and changes the texts color. I figured out how to do it using the select command but I want to do it using the radio button.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>

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    You can use the OnCheckedChanged and the autoPost back property on the radio button to call a function and then access that row in the function with something like<BR><BR>&#060;asp:radioButton OnCheckedChanged="radioClick" autoPostBack="true" runat="server" /&#062;<BR><BR>sub radioClick(sender as object, e as eventArgs)<BR> Dim dgiCurrent as dataGridItem = sender.Parent<BR><BR> &#039;And you can find other controls in the row with<BR> Dim myColorLiteral as label = sender.Parent.FindControl("myColorLiteral")<BR>end sub

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