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Thread: Flash formatting on an asp page.

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    Hi Reader!<BR><BR>I have a flash movie where you enter some text. The user can enter returns (line breaks). The data is the saved to a database using ASP. When I recall the data to write to an asp page for a printable version the line breaks do not come out, non of the formatting that was saved in flash is displayed. But when loaded into flash it all displays fine.<BR><BR>Is there anyway to make the asp page pick up the flash formatting?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Leah

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    My guess (and it is a guess - you don&#039;t quite provide enough information) is that the text is being saved as just that - text.<BR><BR>If you write text back to a browser that contains a line break, the line break&#039;s ignored. Whitespace is irrelevant in HTML. Unless it contains the break (&#060;br /&#062;) HTML tag, no line break is added.<BR><BR>However, if you load text into a text field in Flash (one that&#039;s not set up as HTML-enabled), it WILL quite happily show that line break. After all, it&#039;s treating it as text, not HTML.<BR><BR>If you want to display the formatting, you&#039;re going to have to parse the data as it comes back from the database into valid HTML.<BR><BR>Craig.

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