Pages "hanging" or continualy loading.

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Thread: Pages "hanging" or continualy loading.

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    Default Pages "hanging" or continualy loading.

    Hi everyone. I am having a problem with pages all of a sudden continually loading, and never finishing loading. The odd part is the asp page loads fine the first time, and then when I submit the form on the page and try to access it again through the exact same link used the first time, it just loads, and loads, and loads. (I think you get the idea.) :) When it does hang, I can't use the browser's stop button to stop the page from loading, I I can click a link back to my main login page, and login in again, and it will let me do it once, but when I try again, same thing. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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    haven't got your connection object in application scope, have you? are you closing connections when you should be? is your MDAC up-to-date?

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