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    I have a project to integrate QuickBooks with my Intranet, which is written in ASP. <BR><BR>I have been reading QB&#039;s SDK documentation, but it really hasn&#039;t given me a clear indication whether I can really use ASP or ASP.NET to successfully communicate their COM Library. I know I can use any client-server based language such as VB, VB,NET,C#, etc... but what about ASP or ASP.NET? <BR><BR>I have to be able to both send requests and receive responses... so... I guess I don&#039;t have much hope for the possibility of using ASP (my developers are more comfy with ASP), so is ASP.NET more feasible? Or will I need to create a separate client-server app? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance. <BR><BR>PS: Sorry about the cross-posting in ASP.NET... but it applies to both.

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    I haven&#039;t personally used the QuickBooks API, however I did come across this interesting statement from a third-party support site:<BR><BR>"We do not recommend calling the QuickBooks API using any interface from a Web server. The API is single threaded and can hang depending on the state of the user interface. This causes serious scaleability and reliability issues for a web based application. <BR><BR>We recommend extracting data to an Access or SQL Server database and building your web site to run against that database. You can then build a background task that polls the database for updates and posts them back to QuickBooks."<BR><BR>If the API is really single threaded then that certainly could give you some headaches. ; )<BR><BR>Anyways you might want to explore a similar solution if it makes sense.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR>Pete<BR><BR>

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