I recently referenced a specific ASP.Net article by Scott Mitchell posted a while back entitled "Enhancing Inserting Data through the DataGrid Footer" and got it to work no problem (thanks!), but noticed that weird things happen when you do a browser refresh immediately after adding an item - the data that was in the &#039;ADD&#039; footer row gets re-added ad-nausem, as many times as the refresh button is hit, even though you can&#039;t see anything in the footer add row anymore. What I was hoping is that someone can help me add some sort of check to the code to prevent this from happening.<BR><BR>Somewhat related to this article/refresh issue but not directly, I also noticed that doing a refresh after any of the other standard datagrid button actions (Edit, Delete, using common event code samples gleaned from the web) causes things to behave strangely also. Is there some general way to handle refreshes better so that page/control command events don&#039;t repeat themselves with every refresh?<BR><BR>Cheers!