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    Hi all,<BR>a while back I was connecting to databases using VBScript in asp pages. Now I find that it&#039;s possible to use javascript to do the same.<BR><BR>However from a look around the net everybody seems to be using VBScript - is this the standard thing to do?<BR><BR>Also, the example of javascript and Access database connectivity using a dsn to connect like so<BR>RS.ActiveConnection = "dsn=Connect"; where Connect is an asp page with // File = and other information (a dsn file then I guess). How do you make is dsn-less? I think the active connection needs to be set to something else.<BR><BR>If javascript isn&#039;t the standard way of connecting I&#039;ll go back to VBScript, just thought I&#039;d find out about it now though before I begin.

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    ASP is a Platform, can be coded in Perl, JavaScript or VBScript it up to you what language you want to use.<BR><BR>However, you cannot connect with JavaScript, and then do everything else with VBScript, it one, or the other.<BR><BR>Whether you are using JS, or VBS doesn&#039;t matter, everything still works pretty much the same there are just syntactical differences.<BR><BR>check out Atrax&#039;s site <BR><BR>http://www.readthe****<BR><BR>where most of his articles / examples are in JS.<BR><BR>HTH.<BR>D.<BR>

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