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    Hello!<BR><BR>I have a value of &#039;03&#039; in a numeric field in my table. The field size is &#039;byte&#039; in access. When I spit that value out to the browser, it shows &#039;3&#039; without the leading zero. How can I show the leading zero without using any combination of left/right/len etc...??? I tried formatnumber, cstr, nothing worked the way I want it to. I know this is simple but I just can&#039;t get around it!<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Greg

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    Default No, you don't

    I have a value of &#039;03&#039; in a numeric field in my table.<BR><BR>Numeric fields *NEVER* store leading zeroes. <BR><BR>Access *REPORTS* may be formatted to show them, but the values are just binary numbers. Period.<BR><BR>Use FORMATNUMBER function in VBS to format it the way you need it.<BR><BR>

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