how can we make arabic web site?

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Thread: how can we make arabic web site?

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    Hello, <BR>Dear Friends, <BR>I have to make such type of interface,you can say it a html form. <BR>in which a admin can write arabic data and can insert that data or recordsin database in ASP. <BR>and i have to make a show.asp in which user can see that arabic data <BR>in table from database on internet. <BR><BR>FOR english version i have make that project completely. <BR><BR>but i have to make that project in arabic also. <BR>Actually client want this project in english and as well as in <BR>arabic. <BR>so that admin can insert data in arabic also. <BR>I will upload that web site on internet. <BR>i know how to insert data and how to show data from database. <BR><BR>but the problem is that,i don&#039;t know what r the requirments <BR>to insert arabic data in database on internet and what r the requirments to <BR>show arabic data in table from data base. <BR><BR>Please tell me in detail for this purpose. <BR>I have make all web sites in english this is ist time that i have to make <BR>arabic web site. <BR>so??????????????????????????/ <BR><BR>I shall be very thankful to you for this purpose. <BR><BR>ZAHID.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: how can we make arabic web site?

    well, I actually had this problem when I designed a forum that works with English, Hebrew and Arabic...<BR>One option is to set the servers laguage to Arabic....<BR>If you need it to be only English & Arabic you should not have a problem...

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