how come i can't get an ip address?

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Thread: how come i can't get an ip address?

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    Default how come i can't get an ip address?

    I have given my computer an ip address in local area connection properties of However when i type ipconfig /all from the command line all i get is &#039;cable is disconnected&#039; and not the ip addy i have given myself. am i meant to see the ip here even if there is no cable plugged in?<BR><BR>At the moment the computer is stand alone, but i need the ability to use ip addresses because of the settings im using in iis and visual studio.<BR><BR>And yes i have tried rebooting machine after changing ip address.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default I've found that Win2k..

    .. will only recognize the TCP/IP settings if it thinks it is plugged into a network.<BR><BR>The easiest thing is to buy a $20 hub and plug it in.

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