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    My dog died yesterday.<BR><BR>All my family was crying, I was looking them....<BR><BR>Dog are you dead? Perpetual silence... AS ALWAYS BE...<BR>

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    Default i don't have a dog

    if i ever was it dead, then why there no other dog? i haven&#039;t tomorrow seen a dog which take place of other dog? are you?<BR><BR>sorry to hear about your dog. i&#039;ve never had a dog so i don&#039;t know how attached people get, although i&#039;ve talked to someone who lost a dog that was with them for about 20 years... they still haven&#039;t gotten over it. what kind of dog was it? are there plans on getting another one?<BR><BR>sorry about the broken english response, i needed to have a little fun because it&#039;s HOT as hell in this room :-( but i am truly sorry about your dog.

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