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    I read an article on the 4guyesfromrolla site that discusses the use of Session Variables. The article describes how Session Variables and cookies are analogous. I am modifying some code on a commercial site using IIS 4.0 SP3. The current code uses Session variables. My understanding was that if a user&#039;s browser settings are set not to accept cookies (none) then Session variables will not work. Yet I modified my browser settings IE 6.0.2600 settings not to accept ANY cookies and the application functioned normally. I had closed IE after modifying the settings so there wouldn&#039;t be an existing session open. One other bit of information; Session variables are being used to store form information as well as information from one database record e.g. user&#039;s information. I am not using the session ID to identify each unique user. My question is: If I totally have cookies disabled can I store and pass form variables using the Session object. It seems to work but perhaps I am missing something.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default With MSIE 6... can give special permission to certain sites to override the normal cookie handling.<BR><BR>If you are hitting "localhost", I suspect it might be one those sites, by default. <BR><BR>Try it on a remote machine, if you haven&#039;t already.<BR><BR>

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