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    Hi guys, <BR><BR>Sorry for posting this here as it is not an ASP question, more a hardware one. I&#039;ve done alot of research and i&#039;m still not sure what way to go on my new cpu/mobo combo. So I thought I&#039;d ask the people I trust when it comes to advice. <BR><BR>So for value for money vs performance vs reliability what is the best combo to go for at the moment? AMD (Athlon XP or MP?) or Intel (P4?) for processor? And who is now making the best motherboards? <BR><BR>What hardware combo&#039;s are you running, and what wouldn&#039;t you recommend? I&#039;m currently running an Asus mobo with 1ghz Athlon with 512sdram, but i&#039;ve been largely unhappy with its performance, and reliability. I need some honest advice here. <BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>James

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    Default I buy Dells.

    Whole computers and rarely upgrade (unless essential - added NIC to this machine and might add a CD burner).<BR><BR>I buy every 4 years or so, so I don&#039;t know the latest and greatest.<BR><BR>But, I&#039;ve found that I can&#039;t build them for as cheap as I can buy them. Used to be able able to - but, not anymore.

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