Hi,<BR> I&#039;m developing a asp.net application that runs 2 processeses. These two process create postcript files, the first one creates a map and the second one overlays data over that map.<BR><BR> Apparently my application was working fine when I ran it with microsoft webmatrix server; however eventually I used IIS to run the application but only one process ran (The first) I&#039;m using windows xp pro btw...<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the code that I have:<BR><BR> public void CreateMapM(object sender, EventArgs e)<BR> {<BR> string programName1 ="pscoast.exe";<BR> string programName2 = "psxy.exe";<BR><BR> string arg1 = @"-Jq-95/1:52000000 -R-130/-50/10/50<BR>-B10g5 -G210/180/140";<BR> arg1 += @" -I1/1/0/0/255 -K -N1 -N2 -P -S0/0/255<BR>-W2/0/0/255";<BR> arg1 += @" &#062; c:inetpubwwwroot emp est.ps";<BR><BR><BR><BR> string arg2 = @"-R -Jq -O ";<BR> arg2 +=<BR>@"c:inetpubwwwroot empgravitydata.dat";<BR> arg2 += @" -G0/255/255 -Sc0.05c";<BR> arg2 += @"&#062;&#062; c:inetpubwwwroot empTEMPO.ps";<BR><BR><BR> //Create new processes info structure<BR><BR> ProcessStartInfo pscoastInfo = new ProcessStartInfo();<BR><BR><BR> //Set the file name and arguments to each process<BR><BR> pscoastInfo.FileName = programName1;<BR> pscoastInfo.Arguments = arg1;<BR> pscoastInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;<BR> pscoastInfo.UseShellExecute = false;<BR><BR><BR><BR> //Start pscoast process<BR><BR> Process pscoast = Process.Start(pscoastInfo);<BR> string output1 = pscoast.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();<BR> pscoast.WaitForExit();<BR><BR> // Write pscoast process output<BR> // to file<BR><BR> FileStream fs1 = new<BR>FileStream(@"c:inetpubwwwroot empTEMPO.ps",FileMode.Create,<BR>FileAccess.Write) ;<BR> StreamWriter w1 = new StreamWriter(fs1);<BR> w1.Write(output1);<BR><BR> w1.Close();<BR> fs1.Close();<BR><BR> ProcessStartInfo psxyInfo = new ProcessStartInfo();<BR><BR> //Set the file name and arguments of psxy process<BR><BR> psxyInfo.FileName = programName2;<BR> psxyInfo.Arguments = arg2;<BR> psxyInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;<BR> psxyInfo.UseShellExecute = false;<BR><BR> //Start process psxy<BR><BR> Process psxy = Process.Start(psxyInfo);<BR> string output2 = psxy.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();<BR> psxy.WaitForExit();<BR><BR> // Write psxy process output<BR> // to file<BR><BR> FileStream fs2 = new<BR>FileStream(@"c:inetpubwwwroot empTEMPO.ps",FileMode.Append,FileAccess.Write);<BR > StreamWriter w2 = new StreamWriter(fs2);<BR> w2.Write(output2);<BR><BR> w2.Close();<BR> fs2.Close();<BR><BR> }<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Jorge.<BR>