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    Hi all:<BR><BR>Have someone who is interested in having me revamp their site and add DB capabilities. Obviously I have been coding ASP since I am here :), BUT they are served from a MAC OS X box running the bundled Apache 2.0.47 server for Unix with the Itools 7 add on, all coded with PHP. Talk about alien territory.<BR><BR>So I guess my question is for anyone who knows PHP: How severe is the learning curve from ASP to PHP? Is it something that someone with moderate ASP skills should even try?<BR><BR>And I have read that Apache and PHP will work with ADODB commands to create DB conns, and at least that is good. Has anyone done this? If so, to what DB did you connect?<BR><BR>Thanks in advane for any advice.<BR><BR>KurtW<BR><BR>

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    I used PHP for several months and with that used MySQL databases. If you are wanting to use MySQL i would recommend PHP MyAdmin, this is freeware and acts as a front end to the database itself. It is true that you can use ADODB to connect with Access databases or something more advanced if it is required. <BR><BR>With regards to the programming, PHP is something I didnt work with long enough to give you a really good insight BUT personally I find them to be quite different although you will no doubt say to your self the &#060;? echo ?&#062; command is the PHP equivelent to response.write and so forth.<BR><BR>Personally, the reason I stopped learning PHP and jumped to ASP was mainly due to the fact that I am recieving more guidance with ASP than I ever did with PHP (and that my job now requires ASP knowledge :-) ).<BR><BR>If it is something that you wish to step up to then all I can say is good luck.

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