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    hi,<BR>imagine with me...<BR>i have check boxes...generated dynamically on a Active Server page. you wouldn&#039;t know how many check boxes would appear, everytime it would have different number of check boxes depending on some variable, and you have stored procedure that handles these check boxes.<BR><BR>now...<BR>i thought of making a stored procedure that takes only one check box at a time and looping over that procedure according to the number of these check boxes and sending a check box id evertime.<BR><BR>or have all the check boxes handled at once!! is this doable or not! and if its..HOW!<BR><BR>actually i was thinking this is not the place to post my question , is it closer to ASP or DB? <BR>thanx :)<BR>thanx..<BR><BR>

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    Default See if this helps..

    It&#039;s a way of passing all of your checkbox values at once to a stored procedure (in SQL Server 2000):<BR><BR>http://www.27seconds.com/kb/article_view.asp?id=39

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