&nbsp;<BR>Hello we are a small corporate coaching firm looking to provide a web based, online "Performance Management" system to our clients. Basically what we want to achieve is a performance measuring and reporting system similar to what active strategy is doing with their online web app www.mybalancedscorecard.com but we want ours developed using visual studio.net code.<BR><BR>what we would like is a web application similar to theirs but simpler to use if possible and much more attractive and modern looking. If you feel you might be interested in a freelance project such as this vist www.mybalancedscorecard.com and sign up for the 30 day free trial and go thru it. there is no cost and no obligation and you will be able to accurately gauge the scope of this web application we need developed. They have done a very good job of what we want to achieve, however we would like something even better.<BR><BR>we also plan to implement softwareFX chartFX.NET charting services into the web application to produce powerful chating and graphing capabilities. their site is www.softwarefx.com<BR><BR>please let me know if you are interested in learning more about this project and just provide a rough estimate of how much a web application similar in size and function with the addition of ChartFX.NET chating components integrated into the application would cost. <BR><BR>Please send some links to some of your recent Visual Studio.NET work or any other web applications to me at shayne.laitila@trojangroup.org<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR>Shayne Laitila<BR>COO<BR>Trojan Group