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    Is there any easy way to make a page template in VS.NET?<BR><BR>The current way I do this is:<BR>Create template.aspx with ascx include files<BR>Do a Save As and name it index.aspx<BR>Modify index.aspx to show the proper code behind, class name, inherited page<BR>Re-include template.aspx in the project because doing a Save As un-includes it for some reason.<BR><BR>So is there any easy way to make a template file similar to a dreamweaver template?

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    For when you do Project&#124Add&#124New MyKindOfPAge<BR>?<BR>It&#039;s not as easy as with V Interdev 6.<BR><BR>There is stuff on MSDN you can try starting here http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/samples/automation.aspx<BR><BR>but I only remember coming across the stuff by accident.<BR><BR>I have been working on a templating system at UITemplates.net, but that&#039;s a little different

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