Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried endlessly to get the boolean text search like the one on this site to work on my server but I just can&#039t make it happen.<BR><BR>First, I&#039m not sure I&#039m getting the path right...the ISP says the path to my site is e:virtwww
crad .... so I used this at the start of the script:<BR><BR>&#039Cut off everything before virtwww and replace all with /<BR>Dim iPos<BR>iPos = InStr(1,strPath,"virtwww",1)<BR><BR>Doesn&#039t seem to work though.<BR><BR>Also when specifying the kind of files to search, I&#039m not sure I have used the right syntax with the following:<BR><BR>If UCase(Right(objFile.Name,6)) = ".HTML",".HTM",".ASP" then ....etc<BR><BR>Lastly, my dropdown list of folders on the search interface contains an option for the root directory of the site and 4 subs which I would access with the following URLs respectively:<BR><BR>www.rcr.ac.uk/<BR>www.rcr.ac.uk/radiology/publications/<BR>www.rcr.ac.uk/radiology/meetings/<BR>www.rcr.ac.uk/oncology/publications/<BR>www.rcr.ac.uk/oncology/meetings/<BR><BR>...so I have used the following for selSearchWhere...<BR><BR>Dim section<BR>section = Request("selSearchWhere")<BR><BR>&#039Get the dirs to search<BR>If section = "College" then<BR>section = Server.MapPath("../")<BR><BR>Elseif section = "RadiologyPubs" then<BR>section = Server.MapPath("../radiology/publications/")<BR><BR>Elseif section = "OncologyPubs" then<BR>section = Server.MapPath("../oncology/publications/")<BR><BR>Elseif section = "RadiologyMeetings" then<BR>section = Server.MapPath("../radiology/meetings/")<BR><BR>Else<BR>section = Server.MapPath("../oncology/meetings/")<BR><BR>end if<BR><BR>I don&#039t actally get errors but I always get no matches found so I guess I&#039ve screwed up. Also I had to takeout the line &#060;% OPTION EXPLICIT %&#062; because this was causing an error.<BR><BR>Can anyone please offer some wisdom? It would be hugely appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Terry H