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    In my .asp page I am calling 4 Stored Procedures.... As each stored procedure completes, is there a way to return the results as each is completed without constantly refreshing?

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    ...on both the browser and the HTML you send back.<BR><BR>You can try doing <BR> &#060;%<BR> Response.Flush<BR> %&#062;<BR>at any point in your output, and that will cause the server to send everything accumulated so far to the browser. <BR><BR>But whether the browser will then immediately display the stuff or not depends on the browser.<BR><BR>Plus... If you use a &#060;TABLE&#062;, then most browsers (certainly MSIE) will *NOT* show ANYTHING until the &#060;/TABLE&#062; tag is received. So you if you want to send stuff as each SP completes, and you want to use a table, make sure you use four completely separate tables. Which means that your display may not be a pretty as you would like. So you pays your money and takes your choice.<BR><BR>

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