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    Default Autorepsonders...

    is it possible to create autoresponders using ASP ...<BR>Please Reply...<BR>Thanks

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    Default Yes it is...with cdonts and windows scripting host

    And I belive you must be on NT 4...Here&#039s the thing, I lost the bookmark, but I read a article on it. <BR><BR>It even shows you how to create the file, and I beleive it offers the cdonts code.<BR><BR>Basically, what you are doing is the Cron method in Unix that sends automated email. Thing is YOU CONTROL WHEN it goes out...<BR><BR>ahhh, I love that.<BR><BR>Go to the microsoft developers network (msdn) and search windows scripting host or automated email or anything like that. WIth some good searches, you will find it. It&#039s new...<BR><BR>Good luck. <BR>Joel

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