Greetings<BR><BR>We have have been inundated with business and are always looking for new freelance talent to aid in our development projects. If you have interest in occasional contract projects –or if your members might be, please have them visit for more details and application (only online applications can be considered) -- (remote operators are fine).. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your time and possible assistance in this matter! <BR><BR>With Best and Warmest Regards,<BR>Mike Blazedell<BR> your marketing services partner<BR>Offices: Atlanta Ga - Knoxville Tn - Palm Beach Fl<BR>e:<BR><BR>PS: See what the Father of Guerrilla Marketing says about <BR>MindHarbor and Minding Your Business Newsletter!<BR><BR><BR>PPS: Don&#039;t forget to visit and bookmark our world famous Biz Portal!!<BR><BR>