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Thread: Uploading Jpgs or Gifs?

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    Default Uploading Jpgs or Gifs?

    Hi, whats the best way to allow the upload of jpgs and gifs to a folder giving each a randomly genereted file name which can be stored in a database, ive found a few scripts but non seem to allow you to just upload images and set a maximum file size limit, i dont think my server admins will allow a component, so i will have to make use of the file system object, anyone got any ideas? thanks!

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    Default There is a ..

    .. Pure ASP Upload script out there that accepts file uploads without a component.<BR><BR>But, I don&#039;t know it if it allows you directly specify a maximum file size. If it doesn&#039;t, you can do the upload and save the file to disk; then check it&#039;s size. If it&#039;s too big, delete it and return an error.

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    Default Check out this page...

    ...for uploading using pure ASP. I found it very useful:<BR><BR>http://www.asp101.com/articles/jacob/scriptupload.asp<BR><BR>For some more information on file uploading, check out:<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/LearnMore/Upload.asp<BR><BR>Oliver.

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