I have a problem that I cannot seem to find out why this is happening. Nothing here is new. I have actually been running the same code on the same web servers under the same domain etc etc etc. But ever since last week I have had nothing but problems with all of my classic asp code that access Active Directory. I have searched and searched for an explination as to how to fix this problem or even explain what is going on. I can find nothing but a small reference to Site Server which we do not run. <BR><BR>Here is the error that I&#039;m receiving:<BR>GET /test.asp .. &#124 7&#124 8000500d&#124The_Active_Directory_property_cannot_ be_found_in_the_cache.__ 500 Mozilla/....<BR><BR>Here is a sample of what is being executed. Simple, and to the point and it has worked like a charm ever since I put it in place approx March 2001. <BR><BR>auth_user=request.servervariables("AUTH_US ER") <BR><BR>Set UserObj = GetObject("WinNT://" & auth_user) &#060; ---- Line 7 <BR>strFullName = UserObj.get("FullName")<BR>if strFullName &#060;&#062; "" then<BR>session("fullname") = strFullName <BR>end if <BR>set UserObj = Nothing<BR><BR>I checked rights on folders, IIS, Active Directory.. all look normal. What I&#039;m thinking is there is something wrong with the web server talking to the Active Directory server, possibly COM? <BR><BR>HELP!!<BR><BR>Steve <BR> <BR>