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    I have successfully deserialized results from a webservice into a class. But the information I deserialzed is defined as a one-demensional array of type "studentRecords" (notice it is about 30 training records)<BR><BR>The studentRecords class is defined with 3 fields<BR>coursecode<BR>coursename<BR>date <BR><BR>example&#062; <BR>studentRecords(5).coursecode - "CCCDE"<BR>studentRecords(5).coursename - "Test Course"<BR>studentRecords(5).date - "8/18/03"<BR><BR>I want to assign this array/class(studentRecords) to a datagrid.<BR><BR>Currently the only approach I know is to loop through the array<BR>and place the values into a datatable.Once the datatable is built I could assign it to the datagrid. BUT THIS IS SLOW AND VERY MANUAL. I would also like to send these training records to a sql database with out having to loop through every array element. Is there a way to send the entire array to sql.<BR><BR>Does anyone know a easier way<BR>

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    Is it an array of arrays?<BR>You can databind directly to an array, or anything that implements IList.<BR><BR>You might want to stay in xml, passing (maybe encoded) xml instead of the array. An xml format that allows you to open a dataset directly.<BR>MSDN has some stuff about how to pass DataSets as xml in SOAP.<BR><BR>For saving you can look into SQL 2000&#039;s xml features : updategrams. <BR>

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