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    Default Session ID question.

    Hello all. I will start developing a website for the client next week. I already have an idea on how I&#039;m going to do it. There is one thing, however, I would like to get your opinion on. I&#039;ve seen some websites ( for example) where they pass session id in the URL. Is it a good idea ? What are drawbacks? The one I can think of is that users wont be able to start it from favorites. Are there others ? Are there any advantages ? Any kinda input is greatly appreciated.<BR>Tia.

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    I, generally, use the built-in Session management that ASP provides. Knowing that it doesn&#039;t work when cookies are disabled, I figure it&#039;s a risk I&#039;m willing to take becausethe majority of my audience has them enabled.

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    Default I agree with God...

    Passing the session id in the querystring is just nutso. Among other things, it&#039;s just *asking* to get hacked.<BR><BR>Granted, the sessionID is not 100% secure even when you let ASP handle it for you (it has to be stored in a temporary cookie in the user&#039;s browser, but at least it is heavily encrypted!), but it&#039;s a lot more secure that chucking it into the URL. Not to mention easier. Not to mention the disadvantage you noted.<BR><BR>

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    Default If you filter data acording your login?

    maybe page.asp?id=15 only gets the data of the id 15...<BR><BR><BR>Yes you must use session variables.<BR>

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    Default The point being?? <eop>


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