&#060;code&#062;<BR> void Login_Click(Object sender, EventArgs E) {<BR> OleDbConnection dbconn;<BR> OleDbCommand dbcomm;<BR> OleDbDataReader dbread;<BR> string accountID = Request.QueryString["accountID"]; <BR> double accntID = Convert.ToDouble(accountID);<BR> string uname;<BR> <BR> dbconn = new OleDbConnection( "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DATA Source=C:\trackrecordnew.mdb");<BR> dbconn.Open();<BR> dbcomm = new OleDbCommand( "Select * From users where id=1" , dbconn );<BR> dbread=dbcomm.ExecuteReader();<BR> if (dbread.HasRows) <BR> while (dbread.Read())<BR> uname=dbread["uname"];<BR> else <BR> Console.WriteLine("No rows returned."); <BR> <BR> if (UserEmail.Value = uname) {<BR> FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(UserEmai l.Value, PersistCookie.Checked);<BR> }<BR> else {<BR> Msg.Text = "Invalid Credentials: Please try again";<BR> }<BR> dbread.Close(); <BR> dbconn.Close();<BR> }<BR>&#060;/code&#062;<BR><BR>i am trying to make this page a login page that gets the l/p info from an access db<BR><BR>i got most of the code from microsoft help sites... please help