Best way to pass data between forms?

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Thread: Best way to pass data between forms?

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    I&#039;m trying to create a form that has multiple stages, for example:<BR><BR>1) 1st Page - the user enters their name/address/age then clicks submit. The form verifies the data has been correctly entered, then sends them to the second page<BR><BR>2) 2nd page - the user enters their partners name/address etc then submits. Again data is verified and user sent to third page.<BR><BR>3) 3rd Page - User enters final request details, data is verified again and then the data from *all three pages* is submitted to the database via a stored procedure.<BR><BR>In old Asp I would have used hidden fields to pass the data between the three pages before finally submitting it all at the end. Can anyone suggest the best way to achieve this using Asp.Net? <BR><BR>Thanks for any help :)<BR><BR>james

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    I would do it the same way...<BR><BR>Just use a duplicate of the original form, and set all the controls visible property to false.<BR><BR>HTH.<BR>D.

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