ampersands and the querystring object

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Thread: ampersands and the querystring object

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    Default ampersands and the querystring object

    Hello all. I have a small problem. I need to be able to use ampersands in the query string of a web page. <BR><BR>How do I pass a string that has an ampersand in the query string, and not have the string get cut off short when I reference it?<BR><BR>So passing company=J & J&NextParam=test as a string so I can read all of it, instead of just J, because I only receive J when I do request("company")<BR><BR>I looks through the FAQs and didn&#039;t see anything. If its there I apologize in advance.<BR><BR>-Pin<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default see what URLEncode can do for you <eop>


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