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    I have a list box of street names with 2500 entries in it. The list box loads fine, but it is in a form with other controls that postback. (The listbox only loads when there isn't a postback.) The controls that postback are listboxes with show/hide code for other listboxes written in the code behind. When I put the 2500 entry listbox, the postback became slow. Are there any tricks I can do to speed up the postback? Is it generally a terrible idea to have that many entries in a list box?

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    1) Are the 2500 street names being populated via a database call (i&#039;ll assume that&#039;s a yes, but it&#039;d be nice to know for sure)?<BR><BR>2) How often does this data change?<BR><BR>:: I have a listbox with only 100 entries that slows down my application. What I do is I store this as an array in my application&#039;s memory, and load it the first time and that&#039;s it. I also have a function in my app&#039;s administration that allows me to do the db call and refresh the content of this array.<BR><BR>The array populates the contents of the listbox, and because it is already in memory, it is much, much faster. I don&#039;t know if this approach will suit you, but if you answer the first two questions, it will help to evaluate the proper approach.

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