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Thread: asp page not pulling up IIS

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    Default asp page not pulling up IIS

    I&#039;ve added directory in IIS. Set home document to "default.asp". But when I view in browser asp page is not showing up. However if i put folder/default.asp . Page shows up fine.<BR><BR>Any idea what can be wrong or what I may be missing?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default URLScan?

    I had a similar problem earlier today (see a few posts below).<BR><BR>Finally figured out that when I ran URLScan (A security download from Microsoft) a week or so ago, it blocked all ASP files.<BR><BR>If this is your problem, you can modify URLScan.ini in winntsystem32inetservurlscan . Search for "asp" in this file, and follow the instructions to get ASP running again. Restart IIS when you are finished.

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