I&#039;ve made a webform using c# and a connection in web.config to a ms sql database. The table have three colums. One with "numbers" like this ... A0121, A0122, A0123 and so on ... and the second and third with text. (Two languages). In the webform do i have 20 labels. Each with the same id as in the first column. (A0121 ...) <BR><BR>How can I with one sql query make the text on the labels to be connected with the second or third column. As I said before ... its suppose to be two languages. <BR><BR>I&#039;m quite new to .net ... <BR><BR>I&#039;ve heard about collections and so on ... <BR><BR>What i want in short is a simple way to change language on the headings on a form. <BR><BR>Please help me! <BR><BR>Thanks!