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Thread: problem while passing _self attribute

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    Hi There!!!<BR><BR>I am having a HTML page which is calling a ASP Page. I m using to open asp page, using self attribute:<BR><BR>my code for opening asp page is something like this:<BR><BR>newWin ="http://localhost/asppage.asp","_self");<BR><BR>Insdeed of _self if I donot supply and attribute means: <BR><BR>newWin ="http://localhost/asppage.asp");<BR><BR>I can access controls of newly opened asp page window in HTML Page using newWin object and using window.opener in ASP Page I can access HTML Pages controls. but if I use _self then I cant access. its says : <BR>window.newWindow.document is not an object, but same works fine while I m not mentioning _self.<BR><BR>Why I want to do all this:<BR><BR>I want to call a asp page which is in some other server location which will do some calculation and give me result to calling HTML page. I m having only choice of hosting HTML pages at my US server but I can host asp page at Other Location(sever). <BR><BR>I want to access all the controls of HTML page into ASP Page and from ASP page to HTML pages, its like Parent child form relationship.<BR><BR>I have tried without mentioning _self I can access controls from both way but when using _self I can not access. <BR><BR>I dont want to show a new window to user thats why I m using _self.<BR><BR>plz help me how can I access HTML page&#039;s control in called ASP page and vice versa without opening a new window. <BR><BR>Thanks in Advance.

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    not sure if this is a typo but <BR><BR>window.newWindow is in your error, and you use

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