Hello, what method do you suggest is best for creating a &#039save this for later&#039 feature. Much like a shopping cart, and joining a subscription service, where your name is recognized, I am talking along the lines of the following:<BR><BR>A.)They visit the site and see an article they like. THey click a "save this article&#039 feature so when they come back, they not only have THEIR OWN little site just for them, but that saved info is there.<BR><BR>I am considering using cookies/javascript with asp to do this but I figured why not ask the experts first as I may learn something new. By the way, if you DO know this, A TON of businesses need this so make sure you are getting something out of it. Best to you and thanks for your time...<BR><BR>You can email the reply to if need be or if ya wish...<BR>joel@includeit.net