Hi<BR>I&#039;ve got a problem with IIS under Windows XP pro. It&#039;s installed and it appears to be running but I can&#039;t access the control panel, nor does it work with Dreamweaver to display either static pages or asp database pages in LiveView. Except that it does sometimes, but I can&#039;t work out what i do to get it working; and when i have to reboot, it&#039;s gone again. I&#039;m thinking about re-installing windows, but I shudder. I have reinstalled IIS.<BR>I don&#039;t know if it&#039;s related at all but I have a general windows problem: when i right click on a root directory I can get to the properties and change them, but when i right click on a subdirectory, nothing happens; except that again, when i do something, the properties dialogue box appears; if I have right-clicked several things, many boxes appear.<BR>It is driving me up the wall.