I have an aspx page with some controls (drop downs etc.) that allow users to select some parameters and submit. once submitted, the code-behind uses the selected parameters to run a stored proc which returns a datareader.<BR><BR><BR>The contents of the datareader are pulled out and made into one big delimited string...what i&#039;d like to do is to allow users to save this string as a text file to their machine.<BR><BR><BR>Any tips on how this could be done?I&#039;ve taken a look at using execCommand, but that saves the entire aspx page...what i need is to open a "save file" dialog so that users can navigate to a directory to save the text file in, but i also need to be able to specify the string i built as the data to be saved.<BR><BR><BR>If possible, it&#039;d be great to be able to create the file "on the fly", so that i don&#039;t have to actually create and save a physical file on the server to pass onto the user.<BR><BR><BR>Cheers :)