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    different company, but boy does this company ROCK!!! they're about 15 minutes from my house in good ole conshohocken, or conshy for short. a dude interviewed me wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals!!! he was a programmer, and i had a (right) answer for every question he had, so it's looking pretty good. only bad thing is that i was their first interview, and they said they didn't have any lined up, so they'll let me know tomorrow or the next day if they have to see what else is out there (i take that as "man, this guy's so awesome, i'm sure the market's full of them but one of them has to be willing to charge less") ah well. if they have other interviews, i still got a good chance, and it just means that they'll be more confident in their decision. this interview was the first interview i got through a recruiter. i got the call from the recruiter about this job after i got home from the other interview last tuesday. and when i checked my voice mail after getting out of this interview, i had two voice mails from different recruiters telling me about jobs. i figure it's just a matter of time :-D

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    Default Good luck, I expect you take..

    The dentist chair soon...

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