&nbsp;<BR>I have a admin form where the user is able to change the field values of an application form, or the title of it. I made this possible by just storing the field names in Access, and gave them the option of making the field inactive, or having a checkbox next to the field value instead of a textbox.<BR><BR>The trouble i am having is to find a way to create an online application form where it pulls in the new field values from the database, and puts it on the online form, ANd also see if the admin made the field value a checkbox, or textbox and display that also.<BR><BR>database looks like this:<BR><BR>Field name &#124 checkbox &#124 active <BR>--------------------------------------<BR>Name yes yes<BR>Address no no <BR><BR><BR>etc...<BR><BR><BR>- So the admin, changed the field name to "NAME" and wants a checkbox next to it, and it is an active field on the form.<BR>- Or admin changed the field name "Address" to no checkbox, and it is inactive, meaning that it wont appear on the online application.<BR><BR>So basically i really need help on how to do this or any ideas, to let the user be able to change the field values, and then display controls dynamically on a form which is going to be emailed when the user click submit button.<BR><BR>I need major help, because im fresh out of college and i need this gig =)<BR><BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> <BR>One more thing is one of my freinds advised me to just create a form with a bunch of controls that are hidden..... <BR> <BR>