Parsing HTTP Headers to upload multiple files

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Thread: Parsing HTTP Headers to upload multiple files

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    Hi!<BR><BR>I&#039;ve found a applet that supports uploading multiple files (Mike Haller from Haller; Now my problem is that ASP doesn&#039;t support multiple file uploads like PHP does ($_FILES), so I need to rip the header (that JUpload sends me) apart, to successfully save the files binarily on the server.<BR><BR>This is what I&#039;m thinking:<BR>- Send the header from JUpload to a designated ASP-file<BR>- This ASP-file reads the header sent by the browser/client, and parses it to extract the binarystream(s) that make up the file(s)<BR>- save the file binarily using the filesystemobject, creating a textfile and reading the data into it (I know this works ;) )<BR>- obviously I then want to put the imageinformation into a database (which is a minor problem...)<BR><BR>All this has to be done WITHOUT any serverside components.<BR><BR>Is there anyone out there who can help me with this? If I can get this to work, I don&#039;t need to buy the expensive ASPUpload or any other different ASP packages or COM objects.<BR><BR>Any help / input is greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR>Hans Petter Bjørn

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    Have you investigated any "Pure ASP Upload" scripts? There are a whole load around, each a variation on the previous. Are you sure there are none of them that support multiple file uploads?<BR><BR>By the way, ASPUpload is free I believe. We certainly use it on some of our sites, and (unless it comes with the full version of ASPEmail), I don&#039;t think we "bought" anything. If the price of the COM objects is the only thing that&#039;s stopping you, think again. They DEFINATELY offer interfaces to access multiple files.<BR><BR>A quick search on Google gave me this:<BR><BR>There certainly seem to be lots of scripts linked off there that could solve your problem. If you can&#039;t find anything, another great resource is<BR><BR>If all you&#039;re asking for is resources, I don&#039;t see how this is advanced.<BR><BR>Craig.

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