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    Hi....i have a datagrid with a dropdownlist column...i want to calculate a column depending on the selection of this dropdownlist....if i wait to all the dropdownlist to be selected and then try to analize all the datagrid, the values of each row (dropdownlist) get lost....and if a try to put this operation on the onselecteditemchanged of the dropdownlist i don´t know how could i know wich row its been any ideas??....i&#039;m trying to avoid to have a "calculate" button on every row.....thanks!!<BR>

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    I think the reason your loosing the values in your dropdowns is because your reloading the datagrid. <BR><BR>You should be able to get the row your in with something like this.<BR><BR>sub mySelectedFunction(sender as object, e as eventArgs)<BR> Dim myRow as dataRow = sender.parent<BR> &#039;Or something like this<BR> Dim myLabel as label = sender.parent.FindControl("myLabelInRow")<BR>end sub

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